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When we found out one of our favorite vegan nail polish lines, SpaRitual, had launched a line of skin care products, we were excited to learn more. After all, we're inspired by company founder Shel Pink's point of view when it comes to beauty and the Earth: "As inhabitants of our beautiful planet, we have a duty to protect and preserve our home."

SpaRitual's new body products include the Instinctual Sand Scrub, Instinctual Clay Masque, and Infinitely Loving Body Butter, which exfoliate, remove impurities, and moisturize the skin. Intrigued?

To enter for a chance to win a set of products, just answer this question in the comments section below: What is your personal beauty philosophy?

Read the Official Rules.

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  • Keep it simple and safe.

  • I try to stay as natural as possible, and even make some of my own products. Natural is key!

  • Less is more. I like to keep it simple and natural.

  • moisturize and SPF!

  • If it is harmful, it doesn't go near my skin.

  • Less is more + eat and drink my water.

  • Use pure natural products whenever possible!

  • Beauty starts on the inside.
    Whatever you put into your body or on your skin becomes a part of you.

  • Drink lots of water and never forget to wash your face before going to sleep!

  • I take the "less is more" approach and let my natural beauty shine through.

  • Let your natural beauty shine through. :)

  • Keep it simple and natural whenever possible.

  • Take care of my body and love the skin I am in! Our skin is our largest organ, so whatever I use, must be made from nature.

  • It's an inside out philosophy. Looking good and being healthy must start from the person within. A beautiful personality and soul will help make you radiant. A healthy regimen of natural foods and products is a perfect basis for great skin. Top this all off with minimizing stress and worry along with surrounding yourself with people you love and things you find beautiful, and it is a recipe for a full life.

  • Being natural is being beautiful! Let your innerself always shine through!

  • What is your personal beauty philosophy?
    Embrace my inner beauty and project it through my smile. Healthy mind healthy body. Oh and SPF of course ;)

  • My philosophy: all natural, simple, grass-roots and chemical-free. Which is why I started my own chemical-free health and home products business this past June, Nora's Naturals. After having three friends diagnosed with cancer within a 2-week span, my passion for "chemical-free" skyrocketed.

    See my company on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NorasNaturals

  • My beauty philosophy is that it needs to be simple, natural and work. Beauty is one of the few luxuries that I have time for in my busy schedule.

  • PREFER natural products as much as possible, or with As few artificial ingredients as possible. DON'T overdo, less is more. Healthy skin needs to breathe.

  • minimalism and a smile

  • Natures pure water is the key to my beauty philosphy. Water provides life and life is full of beauty the essence of existence.

  • My personal beauty philosophy is grounded in very practical financial foundation. I can very rarely afford expensive pampering beauty products, but I'm dedicated to finding affordable natural and organic products that work! Realizing my own power in choosing the products I use, I decided natural and organic beauty was the way to go. So in short: natural and organic beauty, but with healthy doses of affordability!

  • Use natural products that enhance my health, my skin and the environment.

  • I keep it as simple and natural as possible. As a breast cancer survivor (5 years!), I am careful to use products that are paraben-free considering that 2/3 of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body. I shun any product that has a long list of chemical ingredients that I can't pronounce as well as anything that has an odor or strong scent. I also believe that what we put into our bodies is released through our pores via perspiration so I try to drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables too.

  • Keep it natural and keep it simple!

  • Natural as possible with no parabens!

  • Keep it simple and I try to eat clean. My splurge is body butter, can't get enough of it.

  • Keep things simple and pretty - take good care of yourself and indulge, but don't get too wrapped up in making yourself look "beautiful." You already are.

  • Drink water. Eat fruits and veggies. Wash your face twice a day, preferably in the shower when the warmth has opened your pores. Always use an SPF and moisturizer. Along with those, I also use a hydrating sea mist for touch ups, a serum, a night cream, and eye cream, and an overnight perfecting peel. Plus keep your hands off your face!

  • To me, your outer beauty is a reflection of the state of health your body and soul are in, both physically and spiritually. I always tell my clients especially teen girls, that there is no beauty product more powerful than consuming fresh fruits & vegetables to nourish your body and make you feel your best. You wear what you consume on your skin, hair, and nails. The best accessory being a smile with a positive outlook, of course!

  • Naturally simple.

  • Beauty starts from the inside out: from what's in your heart, what's in your mind, and what you put in your body.

  • I believe that beauty should be worked on but not obbsessed over. Every woman is beautiful in one way or another. You should take care of your body and your face, but if it becomes so much that you are caking on makeup and spending so much time on your image then you don't love yourself enough. God made us beautiful the way we are. Take care of yourself but don't obsess

  • Keep it simple, consistant, and use SPF!

  • Beauty comes from within!

  • Use only pure natural products!

  • Do the most good for myself while also doing good for the Earth.

  • Look for products that bring enjoyment to the senses; results that are visually pleasing; while doing no harm to self or to the earth in their production.

  • Whatever beauty products you get make sure they are adapted to your type of skin..Look for products that make you look and feel great :)

  • As I have recently hit a landmark age...I am learning to take better care of myself which includes products I put On my body as well as in my body.

  • Gracefully aging is a blessing. Nurturing the inner man is the utmost importance. it will surely show on the outside appearance of your body. Always to remember to hydrate the outer body with pure natural products that are not harsh to the skin.

  • I only use Vegan products :)

  • Most everything I believe in has been shared above. But, I would have to say that as I've gotten older I am more selective in what I use on my face and body. Now it has to be nurturing, clean wholesome stuff. It also has to be active enough as to make a difference!

  • Don't worry, be happy:)))....and think what you eat:)

  • If you cant pronounce it or it doesn't occur naturally then it should not go on your skin.

  • I am vegan and love using natural and organic products. I just went to a spa in florida and got to use sparitual and love that they are vegan!!!

  • Hydrate. Drink all the water you can, and moisturize.

  • Always cleanse,exfoliate&Moisurize, From head to toe! A routine is key to maintain a healthy look all over!

  • A few good products go a long way.

  • I don't leave the house with anything less (or anything more) than a good moisturizer and a heavy layer of good mascara

  • Drink plenty of water, it should take care of all my issues, and so far, it's been working well.

  • My personal beauty philosophy is that beauty radiates from the inside out. A kind spirit will reflect inner beauty more than pallets full of make up and hair products. Keep it simple and be real.

  • I won't put anything on my skin I wouldn't put in my mouth.

  • Use only what nature has provided.

  • Simple and clean

  • My beauty philosophy is: be healthy, be beautiful. I think when you feel healthy you feel your most beautiful, so I stick to a mostly vegetarian, organic diet and exercise regularly. I look for beauty products that are chemical and paraben free and with natural ingredients. Also the best anti-aging treatment is sunscreen, everyday!

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