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Get Fuller, Shinier Hair With This Baking Soda Trick

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Frustrated with your dull, flat hair? You can pump up the volume with a kitchen pantry staple: baking soda! Not only does this ingredient cause baked goods to rise, but, when added to shampoo, it does the same for your locks.

How it works: Excess body oil and styling product residue weigh down hair, making it appear limp and greasy. Baking soda, which is a mild alkaline (if you remember from high school chemistry, that's the opposite side of the pH balance from acid substances), reacts with those oils in a way that makes them easier to wash away. The result is a shinier, bouncier mane for mere pennies, according to the team over at Arm & Hammer. Here's how to put your baking soda to use...

1. Add it to shampoo. Pour a quarter-sized mound—about a tablespoon or two—of baking soda into your palm. Mix that amount into your regular dose of shampoo. Then apply to your hair, and wash and rinse as usual. (Use this trick as needed. Most can do it weekly or monthly, but if your hair gets greasy quickly, you can wash with baking soda shampoo daily.)

2. Use it to clean your brushes. Bristles with oil can also flatten your locks. To remove the residue, soak combs and brushes in a small basin with warm water and one teaspoon of baking soda.

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