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Happenings: Upcycled Plastic Homes, Wheelchair Trikes, and Lady Gaga's Namesake Ferns

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This week, did you enter to win a $25 Jamba Juice gift card? Or DIY a parking space park? Or try your hand at food blogging? However you passed the days, may your weekend be full of pumpkins and chatter about these Happenings.

GIMME (RECYCLED) SHELTER A company in Mexico makes weekly collections of plastic waste and then recycles the material to make low-cost housing. (Scientific American)

REAPING WHAT YOU SOW In (probable) reaction to a report earlier this year of clear-cutting old-growth forests, Ikea has pledged that by 2020, it will grow more wood than it uses. (Treehugger)

MAKING GOOD In Uganda, a machine shop has popped up where old bikes are disassembled and re-welded into hand-powered wheelchairs for the disabled. (Core 77)

A LITTLE MONSTER LITTER A new genus of ferns (19 different species!) has been named after Lady Gaga because it looks like one of her costumes—plus, its DNA sequence is guanine, adenine, guanine, adenine. (Wired)

KEEP YOUR BIG HEAD Sure, hitting the gym makes you fit and lean, but did you know that exercising keeps your brain from shrinking in old age? (The Atlantic)

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