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Healthy Headlines: The Problem with Pull-Ups, Foods that Lower Diabetes, and Pumpkin Seed Recipes

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Pull Down: Can't master the pull up? Don't fear, it might not be the most meaningful a fitness measure. Exercise researchers from the University of Dayton found that women typically fared worse on pull-up tests -- no matter how fit they were. (The New York Times)

The Perfect Playlist: Spotify says 40% of respondents find  music more sexually arousing than their partner's touch. See which songs that guarantee "greater success in the bedroom." (CNN)

Add This to Your Diet: Pass the chickpeas, please. New research shows legumes can lower the risk of diabetes in as little as a few months. (Time)

Fall's Best Seed: Make the most of good-for-you pumpkin seeds with these seasonal breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. (Whole Foods)

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