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Natural Beauty Gurus: The 10 Questions I Always Ask, Clara Williams

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Name: Clara Williams

Occupation: Owner & Founder of skinnyskinny

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Who is your beauty inspiration? My mom and my grandmother. They were both stunningly beautiful in an understated and natural way.

What product/treatment/beauty indulgence do you spend the most on? I spend the most on hair products like natural styling pomades. This is why skinnyskinny will soon be making our line of organic/natural pomades.

What do you spend the least on? I never get manicures because my nails will be immediately wrecked. I do too much with my hands for a manicure to ever make sense.

What does age mean to you? Personally, age doesn’t mean that much to me. As I’ve gotten older and have gained more confidence, I feel much happier and at ease. Confidence and happiness do wonders for making one feel at one’s best regardless of age.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about skin/hair/nails/beauty this year? I’ve learned how much too much stress and not enough quality sleep can really take their toll on your overall appearance.  I’m not sure that’s the most interesting thing I’ve learned, but it does seem to have the most dramatic effect on me.

What’s the one thing you do (not product-based) that you think affects your appearance more than anything else? My vegetarian (and organic whenever possible) diet does as much as anything to keep me happy and healthy.

Why naturals? I don’t see much point in just making more products that contain more preservatives and chemicals. For me, naturals and organics are not only gentler on my skin, but they're also kinder and gentler throughout the lifecycle. I hold myself accountable for the “real cost” of the products that we make, as well as what we use. We really do try to minimize our footprint in every possible way. When I was working as an artist, I became disenchanted by how much “stuff” everyone made: Stuff that had to go somewhere, whether it was on a wall or in the garbage. I really became conscious of the life cycle of things. It’s the same now that my company makes beauty products. These products all end up somewhere and I have no intention of making products that aren’t biodegradable.

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