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Project Green Challenge: Clean Up Your Cosmetics

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The Project Green Challenge, a 30-day eco-challenge, is well underway. While only teens are eligible for prizes, people of all ages will benefit from these sustainably-minded projects.

Want to partake? Today, take a moment to join in on their "Whole Body" challenge. We guarantee you'll be surprised by what you learn about some common beauty products...

Step 1: Green Challenge Watch Annie Leonard's Story of Cosmetics, an eight-minute film that investigates chemicals found in common produces—and how they affect your health and the environment.

Step 2: Greener Challenge Choose five of your favorite body products and examine their labels. Look into the ingredients using resources such as the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Report. You can use the site's tool to check your product's "hazard score."

Step 3: Greenest Challenge If your beauty stapes don't measure up, research eco-friendly alternatives online or in your local Whole Foods or natural grocer.

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