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Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People.

It’s all gonna be alright
Guest blogger Polly Campbell with Paul Hertel

Polly writes us reminders that striving for perfection and personal growth are not necessarily a one-or-the-other experience. In fact, she writes about how the “imperfections” which makes us who we are, are our gift to the world. Here are a few tips to handle those times when our self talk is self-destructive.


You don’t have to rework everything to get your life moving in the direction you most want to go. Look at all the places where things are going well and you’ll probably see some positive beliefs directing the flow. Our goal here is to find those that aren’t supporting you, and get rid of them ASAP.

Excerpt from Breaking the Chain of Bad Beliefs (chapter 4)

1. Find what isn't working. Enter a conversation with your Ego.

2.Scrutinize the belief.

3.Catch and release. Cutting the negative crap.

4. Reshape and Reboot Your Beliefs

"We are belief magnets. Every action we take is based on our belief system. Our emotions evolve out of them, our relationships, and our self-image. Beliefs are simply ideas, but they become tangible we begin acting on those ideas. When you hold a belief that is limiting then -- especially if it has burrowed into your unconscious -- you are creating a limited experience. What you believe is reflected in your reality. Why then, would we choose to believe anything that freaks us out, narrows our perspective, or is just downright unhelpful? When you become conscious to the beliefs operating in your life, you can unplug from the bad ones that are holding you back."


If you’ve built your life around thoughts that make you feel happy and propel you to take inspired action while wearing a pair of comfortable but oh-so-classy shoes and grinning widely, then you go, girl. This is what it’s about.

But, for most of us, life includes a pile of dirty laundry sitting in the bad belief corner. Usually, it’s out of sight, buried under the clean stuff, or hidden behind a closet door, but filled just the same with stinky, smelly items that clutter up our emotional space. By identifying and cutting your limiting beliefs, we are pulling your power sources—the mind, body, spirit (heart)—back together. From that unified place, you can build the beliefs that will carry you toward your authentic self and your real purpose in life. Or at least you’ll make a run at it and feel happy and peaceful in the process. One thing is sure, empowering beliefs will make it a whole lot easier to get out of bed in the morning.

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