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3 New Skin Care Uses for Coconut Oil

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With more than two decades of experience in the spa industry, Maggy Dunphy has used hundreds of lotions, potions, and serums. But she's recently discovered the one multi-purpose product that she swears by. "Organic coconut oil has become my new beauty best friend," says Dunphy, the spa director at The Spa Wellness Center at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont.

Available at supermarkets and specialty stores, coconut oil has a balm-like consistency at room temperature. And, when heated, it melts down into a liquid. Dunphy loves the oil's versatility and hydrating powers. Here are three ways she uses it in her daily beauty routine:

Try using coconut oil as...

1. Cuticle cream. Rub it in your cuticle beds and over your entire hands.

2. Massage oil. Heat up the stuff until it becomes a liquid, and let it cool until warm. Massages never smelled so good!

3. Makeup remover. Dab a little of the oil onto your finger, then gently swipe onto eyes. Use a cotton ball, tissue, or pad to gently wipe away your makeup.

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