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Natural Beauty Gurus: The 10 Questions I Always Ask, Wei Y. Brian

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Name: Wei Y. Brian

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Wei East and Wei Beauty

Location: New York,  China, and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Who is your beauty inspiration? Katherine Hepburn. I even named my daughter after her! She has always inspired me because of her classic look, independent spirit, and love of nature.

What product/treatment/beauty indulgence do you spend the most on? Chinese acupuncture treatments and herbal teas for inner and outer beauty.

What do you spend the least on? Invasive cosmetic procedures. I'm way too chicken to ever go under the knife!

What does age mean to you? One thing: Wisdom.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about skin/hair/nails/beauty this year? I've seen and developed many products over the past decade, but by far the most interesting thing is a product I created: A one-of-a-kind gelled oil cleanser that is truly in a class of its own. Before this year, I never considered that it would be possible. I'm totally addicted.

What’s the one thing you do (not product-based) that you think affects your appearance more than anything else? Definitely daily exercise. It not only helps to keep my energy up, but it also helps me to look my best.

Why naturals? Three words sum up my answer. First, destiny: Being born and raised in a Chinese herbal environment, herbs have always been a major part of my lifestyle. Second, philosophy: I've witnessed the power of herbs firsthand, and I truly believe in their power. Finally passion: I feel strongly about using Mother Nature's gifts to help others look and feel their very best.

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