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Strengthen the Immune System

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Thanksgiving is upon us -- my all-time favorite holiday. This year we are cooking the whole meal outdoors so I have my fingers crossed that it does not rain. Saturday we collected kindling and built an outdoor fire pit. Already, I have worked up a hearty appetite. The menu is set. I am in a culinary holding pattern and feel like a marathon runner, cutting down on training in anticipation of the big event. Now is the time for simple maintenance; don’t tax the body or the purse strings. A brothy bean soup is the perfect thing, made with root vegetables to anchor and nourish the middle (poetic term for digestive system), and served with a mix of fresh herb oil to keep the immune system strong.

This is not the time to get bogged down with new recipes: doctor up your favorite bean soup. Take the time to soak legumes overnight -- it makes a world of difference. Double the amount of garlic called for (4 clove minimum) and make an herb oil based on simple pesto but without the cheese and with the addition of herbs beyond basil. Think oregano, cilantro, tarragon, and mint.

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  • You have put garlic here. Actually garlic has lots of important characteristics which help to fight against all type of diseases like cold, cough and others. Fantastic recipe.

  • Mmm.. that soup looks delicious! I just made my version of 'sickie soup' at home.. a whole bulb of garlic, and I added cabbage and potatoes. This time of year it is so important to take care of the immune system. Great recipe!

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