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Warding Off the Storm

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What an intense last few weeks. Between the heartbreaking destruction from Sandy, an exciting election, and whatever else is happening right now (sunshine? snow?), I am most definitely feeling a little discombobulated. Oh, and I had a routine mammogram, too. Lovely. I imagine that is why the butternut squash appealed to me so in the market this morning. Big and solid, they looked like anchors, grounding that they are.

Energetically, squash work that way too; banking the spleen and allowing for the proper distribution of chi. Today’s lunch is more prescription than recipe: roast butternut squash, farrow (or could be teff; I always get confused when buying in bulk), and a lemon cilantro salad with enough garlic to keep lurking intruders--or storms--at bay.

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  • The lemon cilantro salad looks so bright and refreshing on top of the hearty squash. Yum!

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