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G-Free Friday: Sweet 'n Simple Apple Crisp

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Think dessert has to be complicated? Think again! This Sweet n' Simple Apple Crisp is gluten-free and takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  I've always taken the time to bake a homemade apple crisp, but when I'm short on time (like we are all) during the week or looking for an easy dessert to serve to company on a weekend, I simply toss a healthy gluten-free granola with fresh lemon juice, butter, apples and cinnamon for a quick and easy treat that is perfect to warm you up on these chilly November nights. Read More...

Natural Beauty Gurus: The 10 Questions I Always Ask, Jolene Hart

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Name: Jolene Heart

Occupation: Natural Beauty Expert, Beauty & Health Coach, Author of Beauty Is Wellness

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Who is your beauty inspiration? I’m inspired by women who are confident and embrace their own natural beauty, with or without makeup. They seem to radiate beauty. Lately I’ve been particularly inspired by Rosemary Gladstar, an author and herbalist, and her incredible knowledge of herbs. I’d love to train under her someday. Read More...

Strengthen the Immune System

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Thanksgiving is upon us -- my all-time favorite holiday. This year we are cooking the whole meal outdoors so I have my fingers crossed that it does not rain. Saturday we collected kindling and built an outdoor fire pit. Already, I have worked up a hearty appetite. The menu is set. I am in a culinary holding pattern and feel like a marathon runner, cutting down on training in anticipation of the big event. Now is the time for simple maintenance; don’t tax the body or the purse strings. A brothy bean soup is the perfect thing, made with root vegetables to anchor and nourish the middle (poetic term for digestive system), and served with a mix of fresh herb oil to keep the immune system strong. Read More...

Thanks for Giving

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We were incredibly inspired by the food visionaries in our November issue, crusaders ranging from Michael Bloomberg to Marcus Samuelsson to Nell Newman. So, when we sit down to dinner with our family and friends on Thanksgiving, we want to know that we give as good as we get. Care to join us?

Just go to Martha Stewart's Thanks for Giving Challenge Crowdrise page, where you can make a donation to a variety of food banks and other domestic hunger-relief organizations around the country. Read More...

Healthy Skin DIY: Cranberry Face Scrub

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After whipping up that cranberry relish, you've got some leftover berries. What to do? Consider mixing together an exfoliating scrub.

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and B vitamins to protect against environmental damage and enhance cell turnover, resulting in a fresh complexion, says Marianne Zullas, a skincare expert and owner of MZ Skincare in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Mix together her cranberry face scrub and use it once or twice a week. She recommends making extra for homemade gifts; simply package in glass jam jars tied with a ribbon. Read More...

Alex Guarnaschelli Goes Nuts on Asparagus

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Alex Guarnaschelli was called the Susan Lucci of "The Next Iron Chef" on Twitter recently. It didn't bother her.  "She's had a long and fruitful career!" Alex told us this week as she debuted some holiday-ready nut-centric recipes.

Alex, the chef at New York's Butter and The Darby, says she often snacks on nuts to keep herself from chowing down on chips and some of her 5-year-old daughter's other favorite treats. Plus, she says, growing up in an Italian family meant holidays full of baked Ziti and other heavy fare, so adding nuts to veggie dishes adds some richness without being overwhelming. Read More...