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10-Minute Body Fit Blast: The "Step-Up" Workout

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What do you do when you want to squeeze in a good, fast, and effective workout in a small amount of time? My 10-minute Body Fit Blast is actually a full body workout because you use a step-up box, which increases your cardio output, and weights, which increase strength and lean muscle mass. You can use the step-up box as seen in the photo gallery, or you can use a regular step or stair, just as long as it’s nice and stable.

We used the step up box because it’s Martha’s new fitness tool and she loves it.

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1 You can use a step-up box as seen here, or you can use a regular step or stair.

2 The basic step up and down motion is a good warm up.

3 Toes should always point forward and feet should be a comfortable distance apart.

4 When doing a step-up squat and bicep curl, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells up towards your shoulders.

5 Step-ups increase your heart rate, sculpt leg and butt muscles, and challenge your core muscles.

6 Here I am doing a step-up with a knee raise, bicep curl, and triceps pressback.

7 Bring your arms back and press back into a tricep press.

8 You can also use the box for push-ups!

9 Keep your abdominal muscles nice and tight as you do the push-ups.


Four Ways to Have More Fun than Anyone Else

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Courtesy of Sally Davies sallydaviesphoto.com

Fun is my favorite F word, because in my life there’s nothing more divine than having more fun than anyone else.  Nothing exhilarates and sends the soul soaring more than the best time ever.  What makes fun divine is how it never fails to lift us up and carry us through the best and worst of times.  With an infinite number of ways to have more fun than anyone else, it took me fifty years to find four.


Living Authentically Part 2: Embracing Love and Friendship

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It goes without saying that killing or harming does not a warm, friendly community make. But we have to do more than just NOT harm or kill--we have to love and assist others. When we live this value, we honor not just ourselves, but those with whom we share space in this world.

Here are four ways to turn toward others with Love.


The Dark Side of Blogging: Why Are We Hiding?

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Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and Graur Razvan Ionut

Blogging is arguably one of the new gifts to free speech and democracy as it offers a place for everyone to be read or heard. But, recently I read an article on a blog that troubled me. Actually the article was interesting and even inspired--but the comments were dark.

One person, who called him or herself “Super Blogger," attacked the content  with an especially condescending and malicious tone. But even worse, the blogger attacked the writer personally - hurling adjectives like moron, idiot, etc.

The unbridled maelstrom of words and stabbing tone was astonishing to me. Read More...

How Your Choice of Friends Determines Your Emotions

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Do you have a friend who can always make you laugh, no matter what your mood? (I do – her name is Laurie). Do you have other friends or acquaintances that seem to bring the mood of a room down just by walking into it?

Psychologists have known for a long time that people tend to have their own emotional set-points. While we all experience mood changes from moment-to-moment and day-to-day, these changes seem to vary around an average or typical mood.


Chickening Out: In Search of Humanely Slaughtered Poultry

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chickensIt augured ill for the holidays:  I’d suddenly lost my appetite for chicken (and turkey, too) after learning how some poultry in this country are slaughtered from a recent piece in the New York Times. It didn’t help that I was suffering from chicken overkill (sorry), having thawed and eaten it for a week to make room in the freezer for some wonderful local ice cream that rarely goes on sale.

The piece said the birds are hung upside down in leg shackles and electrically stunned before their throats are slit. The electric shock is supposed to render poultry insensible until they’re dead, but sometimes, the animals wake up. And what about the stress they suffer beforehand as they’re transported, heels over head, down the line?