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3-Minute Guided Meditation: Breathing Easy

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Meditation is kind of intimidating, am I right? At least, for me it is.

I enjoy quiet time as much as the next person; I go to yoga class (mainly for the fitness benefits); and I know that meditation can reduce stress levels, improve concentration, and help me achieve inner peace -- but it's still really hard for me to actually do.  I feel a little lost, like I need a guide to help me through the process.


Yoga on the Road: Simple Stretches

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Courtesy of the New York Times

The New York Times recently reported that many people who travel regularly find they reap a host of benefits from the practice of yoga.

Now, I can't imagine everyone's going to stand on their heads like this guy, but I have taken to a corner at an airport gate and done some subtle stretching before a flight (forward hang, seated twists). And it really does make a difference in how achy you feel during and after a flight.


Gluten-Free Cupcakes: Food Allergy Recipe Challenge!

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Do food allergies or sensitivities keep you from eating your favorite foods? Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like converted to allergen-free and/or gluten-free for yourself, your kids, or a friend? I’m ready to meet the challenge!


“Allergy-Friendly” Caramel Cupcakes with Caramel “Buttercream” Frosting - Yum!


Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for Babies

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The baby bottles are long gone. Onesies, receiving blankets, and teething rings have left the premises. My kids 9, 7, and 5 (yikes!) are no longer babies.

Now that I’m into the “green” space, I’ve stumbled on some things that make me get a wee bit sentimental for the little ones. Here are a few things I surely wish I had when my kiddos were teeny.


1. Lifecycle Bottles

These BPA-free resusable glass baby bottles with a silicone sleeve are perfect for infants. I had switched to glass bottles by the time my daughter was born, but I was always worried the bottles would shatter if dropped (it never happened, but I was always an anxious mom, even on number three). Read More...

Remedy Junkie: Favorite Natural Cures from the Road

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When I was growing up in Washington State, I was the only kid in the class with vegetarian parents who were super into foot reflexology.

Of course, I didn’t appreciate their forward-thinking ways—I rebelled as much as possible, indulging in Whopper Jrs and stuffing my pockets with candy from my paper-route spending money. But somehow, as much as I hated their weird ideas, they certainly did influence me. I just had to come to it on my own. Read More...

Hearing a Voice In Your Head? It's Your Conscience

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Photograph by Sally Davies

May we open our hearts and listen to the Voice that constantly comes from within.”

What does the heart’s Voice sound like?  Souls speak through how we feel.  All feelings, good and awful, are divine voices begging to be heard.  Ask your life to talk to you, and your soul will speak.