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Keep It Simple: What To Eat

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I often get asked how to eat in order to get lean, healthy and vibrant.  Eating has become one of the most confusing things in the world, but it doesn’t have to be.

You have to eat protein, carbohydrates and fats, combined in a balanced and consistent way. Read More...

Is Exercise Good for the Soul?

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If we really want to transform our life, we must first fulfill the most basic principle: Nurture and control the body.

Our body is commonly treated as a brain holder and a hand station. We don’t really notice the body unless it hurts, craves food, wants sex, or won’t fit into its clothes anymore. Read More...

Lunch in the Test Kitchen

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Working in the test kitchen often means eating lunch in the test kitchen, and one of the biggest challenges is to cook a quick, nutritious meal using ingredients on hand. After a tour of the kitchen fridge, I have all the fixings for hearty pasta: a bunch of kale left over from a photo shoot, basil from recipe testing, and a bit of ricotta. Next, I head over to the pantry to pick up a box of whole wheat penne, some garlic, and red pepper flakes. A hungry colleague generously donated the tomatoes.

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1 Found and bartered ingredients, minus the olive oil.

2 Roasting at 400º is hot enough to caramelize the juices but not too hot to burn the garlic (which makes it bitter.)

3 Adding the kale during the last few minutes of cooking the pasta means one less pan to clean up!

4 It's a good habit to reserve some of the pasta water before draining. The starches released from the pasta will add body to sauces.

5 Toss all the ingredients in the pot. Adjust the consistency with reserved pasta water, if desired. Nothing beats the perfume of fresh basil. . .


Career Inspiration from Mom

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Recently I spoke to a working parents network about how to define what’s next in their careers using an exercise from my Soul Search, Research and Job Search approach:

I had them write out a vision of their ideal day from start to finish.  It was fun and inspiring to hear their scenarios filled with a balance of meaningful work, quality time for family, and quiet time for themselves.


Adorable Upcycled Pet House

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Loyal Luxe Pet Chalet

I might get a cat just so it makes sense to buy this sweet recycled cardboard Pet Chalet. The floor is corrugated for those little claws. And you have to love the faux bois exterior and moosehead above the door. Read More...

Go Green this Saturday for National Train Day

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Itching to get out of town this weekend? Leave the car in the driveway and catch a ride on the good old-fashioned rail road.

This Saturday is National Train Day, and Amtrak is celebrating with special packages and celebrations in and around more than 50 cities across the country. Read More...