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Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

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Bound side angle - Part 1

I used to do every kind of exercise you can think of. I ran, rolled on balls, kicked, boxed…but it wasn’t until I found yoga that I lost 40 pounds and totally transformed my body.

I can tell you that when it comes to weight loss and toning, yoga can be one of the best forms of exercise forms. Then again, it can also be one of the worst! Read More...

How Being Fidgety Keeps You Fit

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I read a lot of exercise journals and get the latest study results on fitness and health. I'm curious about just about everything - BUT whenever I used to come across a story about NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) I'd turn the page.

I thought it was a snooze. I had zippo interest. Until I saw it in action. Read More...

The End of Stress: First Step

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There is and will always be a lot of talk about stress.

In many ways stress is a natural and healthy part of how we respond to change. Yet when most people speak  of stress they are typically not referring to a good thing. Stress is the term that most of us use for the feeling of being "overwhelmed," "drained," "distracted", "frustrated," or a host of other things. Read More...

Creativity Tip: Passion Right Now

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One thing I’ve noticed about the successful writers, painters, musicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and other clients I coach is that the successful ones are passionate right now in the service of what interests them. They may be as challenged by life as the next person—but they nevertheless bring their passion to the table right now and get on with what interests them. They don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, or next year.


Let Me Introduce Myself: I'm a Back Guy

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I am honored to connect with you here on the Whole Living Daily blog. I thought for my first post here, I would introduce myself, and give you a sense of what I hope to be able to accomplish here, with your help.

Over the past 15 years as a physician, I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an ongoing discourse with thousands of patients about ways to lead a better quality of life.


Transforming Disappointment

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Dealing with disappointment can be a challenge. Recently my sister sent me a gift for my birthday—a fountain that was perfect for my office. I got batteries, filled the reservoir with water, and hit the switch. In anticipation, I waited for cascading water to dance over the river rocks. And waited. And waited some more.

But not a sputter or gurgle came out. Nada. Read More...