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Treat Dogs' Arthritis with Omega-3 Fish Oil

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Dog with arthritisRecent studies confirm what I’ve been recommending for many years: Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to arthritic dogs.

Results of the three studies showed that dogs who ate diets supplemented with omega-3’s had less pain and increased mobility. Read More...

The Secret Revealed: What Makes Us Happy

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"Lunch Outdoors" painting by Bob Dornberg. Courtesy of artistwebsites.com

On an unseasonably warm spring day this past month, I was lunching with my college roommate in a small coffee-and-sandwich shop.

“I was glad I found out about the new tumor during the middle of the yoga retreat,” Kate said to me, “because despite the incredible spinal pain, I was better able to cope in an environment of balance and peace than if I had been at home dealing with the usual hectic runaround.”


An Allergen-Free Frozen Banana Treat

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Of all the sounds that evoke summertime, none is more cherished than the oncoming jingle of an ice cream truck. If you happen to be watching your bikini bod this summer, though, trips to Mr. Softee might not be the wisest choice at snack time.

And if you’re among the estimated thirty to fifty million adults worldwide who suffer from lactose intolerance, that bowl of Ben and Jerry’s may have you sending out digestive SOS signals later on.

A truly all-natural summertime treat


Getting-Out-of-Bed Meditation

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Whether the alarm goes off or the sun awakens consciousness, getting out of bed after a night’s slumber is something we all eventually have to do.

This daily assault from a warm, comfortable, cocooned environment into an exposed, demanding, indifferent environment is, if nothing else, disorienting. Read More...

How to Save Your Soul Without Religion

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Photograph by Sally Davies

Having spent half my life as a nun working at a Catholic College for women – Saint Mary’s in Notre Dame, Indiana – it wasn’t until I moved to New York City in 1990 and became a writer that I discovered so many people whose souls were nourished and saved without any religion at all.


5 Reasons to Love Toilet Paper Tubes

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As an organizing expert committed to living green, I’m always looking for uses (and reuses) of common items around the house—not only because it keeps them out of the trash (and landfills) but because it saves you money.

I figure why buy an organizing solution like a box when most of us already has one at home we can simply re-purpose. So I say shop from home or from a good friend’s house to find something you can use before considering buying new.

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1 My TP roll all jazzed up (neutrals on one tube/colors on the other).

2 My snag-free sandaltoe pantyhose.

3 Kitchen tongs contained in a tube.

4 A tube cuffed around the gift-wrap.

5 A 15' extension cord slipped in a tube.