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Celebrating Earth Day with a Sustainable Feast

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At Whole Living's first annual Earth Day poster contest there was plenty of reason to party. But what truly made me (the editor who oversees the magazine's nutrition content) want to celebrate was seeing so many kids chowing down on fresh, wholesome food.

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1 This delicious spread was provided by local farms and bakers.

2 Cheese and fruit from local farms and dairies.

3 Delicious asparagus and radishes.

4 Farm-fresh veggies with yummy pesto dip.

5 Students, parents, and teachers were greeted by this sign in our lobby.

6 Even though it's not peak apple season, these were still delicous!

7 More fruit and cheese.

8 New York State cheese. Yum.

9 There was plenty of bread and all kinds of crackers for dipping and sampling cheeses.

10 Eggs from Martha Stewart's farm. Aren't they beautiful?

11 The same eggs, a few hours later.

12 A student trying one of Martha's deviled eggs.

13 Parents and the other adults were treated to organic wine from California.

14 Fingerling potatoes for the kids.

15 There was also a dessert bar, where kids could make their own yogurt and granola parfaits.

16 The kids really got into the food sampling.

17 Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in fat.

18 Peanut butter cookies for dessert.

19 More cookies -- what a spread!

20 Our editor in chief, Alex Postman, with judge and artist Martin Carey.

21 Martin Carey designed this poster for the first Earth Week in 1970.

22 Martin, Alex, Martha, and the other judges with the poster contest winners. Congratulations, everyone!


Celebrate Your Independence this Fourth of July!

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Giving one another independence is an act of love--and a priority of the highest order. Image courtesy of Sally Davies, sallydaviesphoto.com

The hardest part in my becoming a nun was giving up the personal freedom to make decisions about what I wanted to do with my life and the way I wanted to live as a sister.

Having to depend on superiors to decide everything never felt good, and I suspect that’s not only true for nuns.  Anyone who turns over their life to be controlled by another inevitably suffers soulful discomfort in silence because consciously or unconsciously they mourn the loss of self.